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I'm a writer with a large wheelhouse and a creative cup that runs over. I write in industries such as health, finance, online marketing, spirituality and technology, but I also have a penchant for geekery, family topics and out-of-the-ordinary requests.

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5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Protect Cash Flow in the New Year

Between the National Retail Foundation’s expectation of up to 4.8 percent year-over-year growth in holiday sales and Deloitte’s more robust forecast of a 5.6 percent increase, small business owners can expect a healthy holiday season. But carrying those gains forward into 2020 isn’t always easy to do. With New Year resolution season just around the corner, it’s a great time to plan ahead to improve your bottom line long term. Learning how to keep business lean while also boosting cash flow can

Business Financial Health: How To Read a Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is one of the financial statements every business needs, and if you’re incorporated, you may be required to include your it in regulatory reporting. But this isn’t just an accounting task you complete so you can tick off a tax-related box or appease lenders. Balance sheets act as barometers for the financial health of your business. Understanding how robust your cash reserves are (or aren’t) or where assets are allocated lets you make more informed business decisions. And that

11 Upsell Tips to Help Restaurants Increase Revenue Per Table

According to the National Restaurant Association, the restaurants in the United States experienced a 3.6% total increase in sales from 2018 to 2019, bringing the overall industry sales figure to $863 billion. Hudson Riehle, the senior VP of research and knowledge for the association, calls that growth rate moderate and says that within this environment, restaurants turn to technologies and other resources to gain incremental sales and traffic to support growth. One way to do that is by ensuring

Why Moz's Whiteboard Friday Is Such Effective Content Creation

We love Moz’s Whiteboard Friday, which features Rand Fishkin or someone from the Moz team presenting a short video that answers a specific question about content creation, SEO or digital marketing. The gimmick (and by gimmick, we mean “brilliant concept”) is the use of an actual white board. Here’s a look at why Moz’s Whiteboard Friday is so effective and what other sites and brands can learn from it. Each Friday post hones in on a single question, concern or problem that’s impacting the audie

Is Your Goal Conversion Rate a Match for Your Business and Plans?

The TL;DR version is this: what you set for your goal conversion rate probably isn’t perfect. Even if you did some base research and followed smart goal-setting principles, this is a moving target that should be slightly different for every piece of your funnel, and most content marketers don’t delve quite that deep. First, because math. Second, because time. And third, because they think they have it covered with a realistic but challenging traffic or revenue goal. Goals that “feel right” are

Word Count Matters: What Writers Can Learn from Twitter's Move to 280 Characters

After teasing and beta-testing for a few weeks, Twitter made the official move to 280 characters for all users in early November. Suddenly, the entire Twittersphere had double the character count, but many users were less than grateful for the change. J.K. Rowling said she thought the platform had ruined itself. In a tweet that rang in at exactly 140 characters, Rowling said she thought the point of Twitter had always been “how inventive people could be” within the framework. Authors, including

Why Savvy eCommerce Companies Need to Leverage Experiential Marketing

Within the last few years, at least four people I know converted almost everything they owned to cash, moved out of a safe or stable living environment and commenced having some sort of adventure. Their goals —€” not to mention their ages, relationship status and current state —€” were all very different, but the thing that ties these people together is a desire to experience the world rather than accumulate it. It’s actually something that ties many millennials and younger people together, and

7 Freelance Hacks to Get You Through The Holidays

Whether you celebrate something or not, the final weeks of the year can be difficult for freelancers. Family might be enjoying paid-time-off while you’re still hitting the keyboard late at night for a demanding client, and friends could be chatting about the latest office holiday party as you sip a mediocre mug of eggnog and stare at the blinking cursor on screen. Holidays: love them or hate them, the truth is that you can often make small changes to ensure a merrier season (or at least more be

How to Build a Brand Without Creating a Riot

One of the “easy” ways to get visibility for your brand online is to piggyback a trending topic. Online marketers often leverage trending hashtags on Twitter, repurpose news stories to cash in on audience attention or chime in on a current cultural question in a way that ties back to their products. All of that is fine. When done right, it helps you build brand culture and engage with consumers. But before you jump into those waters, make sure you know how to build a brand without alienating t

7 Realistic Freelance Editor and Writer Goals for 2018

In 2018, I’m going to triple my income, turn in every order three days early, drop 20 pounds, learn Thai boxing, finish a novel, pay off all my debt, save enough money to feel safe and cook from-scratch healthy meals 365 times. Hang on a minute while I consult my crystal ball. Yep: just as I thought. That string of resolutions is doomed to failure starting the second week of January. Creating a list of numerous huge goals without much of a plan to get me there just sets me up for failure, and i

What You Need To Do Today To Become a More Successful Freelance Writer

To land and get paid for freelance writing jobs, you have to be able to write. Freelancers must have strong communication and grammar skills, the ability to review and incorporate feedback from clients and editors and enough computer skills to navigate various platforms without having a complete breakdown. Those are the prerequisites for making money with your words, but that’s not what this post is about. This post is about what you can start doing to set yourself apart from the pack, consiste

Why You Must Spend More Time Thinking About Niche Content Marketing

Play a quick game of “what if” with me, if you will. What if you were a pediatrician dealing daily with the illnesses of children, the worries of parents and the regulations that sometimes make it more difficult for you to provide care for your patients. What type of content is going to grab your attention, much less convince you to part with your contact information or time? I’m guessing a pediatrician and his staff aren’t taking the plunge based solely on generic content or even content aimed

The 5 Stages of Content Marketing: From Honeymoon to Happily Ever After

Content marketing is a commitment. Like a romantic relationship, it’s something you have to work on daily if you want to enjoy the results, but that’s not always easy to accomplish. To add to the struggle, your relationship with content marketing will likely wax and wane, taking different amounts of mental energy and time that you don’t always want to give. Just as romantic partners can stick together through the hard times, you can stick with your content marketing to make it from honeymoon to

The Farmville Lover's Guide to a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

What if you managed your content marketing strategy like you manage your Farmville (or Township, a restaurant game or even your latest junk-food inspired match 3 addiction)? If you’re not into mobile games, what if you managed your strategy like that one friend on Facebook who seems to manage his mobile gaming habit? Here’s what I think: You’d get more done and see more results with less stress and burnout for yourself or your staff. Take a break from that mobile game for a minute, and check o

10 Must-Do Bucket List Items

You don’t need millions in retirement funds and the ability to trot the globe to make your ending years golden. While travel destinations are popular additions to bucket lists, here are 10 must-have adventures, decisions and experiences for your list that don’t require leaving your hometown. Take time to record some of your life stories for posterity. You don’t have to be a Kennedy or sports legend like Jim Thorpe to have interesting stories to tell, and your friends and family will love readin

Everything About Finances in Your 50s

Whether you’ve been saving for your golden years or you’ve come into your sixth decade of life with a need to get on track fast with finances, educating yourself about late-life money decisions is important. Understanding how much you should save, what type of insurance coverage you might need, and how to manage your assets in your final years helps you create stability for a more enjoyable retirement. It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement, and the United States Department of

Top 10 Government Resources for Seniors

Preparing for all possibilities in your later years can seem daunting. While most people realize the importance of saving for retirement and many others take the time to engage in estate planning and even record wishes for eventual funeral arrangements, your daily tasks and needs in your retirement years don’t always correspond to the path you plan. One place you can turn to with questions or concerns in later years is government resources. A division of the federal Department of Health and Hum

Freelancers: Do You Know How to Write Thought Leadership Content?

With so many brands shouting across the web today, everyone’s looking for a way to differentiate themselves. Companies are engaging in specific styles and positioning themselves as experts in smaller niches to gain traction with the right audience, and one of the ways they’re doing it is through thought leadership content. The good news for writers: First, the need for more content means more available work. Second, many companies are willing to pay a bit more for thought leadership than they d

What's Your The Walking Dead Freelancer Type? (No Season 8 Spoilers)

This post doesn’t contain any The Walking Dead season 8 spoilers. We can’t say the same for previous seasons, so be forewarned. If your freelancer habits were a TWD character, who would they be? From Carol to Carl, every TWD character has specific skills, endearing character traits and some pretty massive flaws. Yes, even Maggie isn’t perfect — and even Negan has at least one positive attribute. Was there ever a TWD villain you loved to hate more? (Plus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s got a pretty spect

Transportation for Seniors Who Don't Drive

At Neptune Society, we know that seniors of all ages often want to remain mobile throughout retirement. Whether that means traveling the country or making weekly trips to the local grocery store, we also know accessible transportation isn’t always easy to find. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of transportation options for seniors who don’t drive, including the pros and cons of each option. Public transportation is a relatively inexpensive way to get around most cities and towns. Two common forms
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